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I am a Speech and Language Therapist offering a dynamic approach to therapy that supports the development and transformation of your voice. My aim is to work with you and support you to realize the voice you want. I offer guidance in creative, flexible and healthy exploration of your voice.  My practice combines proven effective therapeutic methods with a variety of other approaches including established classical singing techniques.   

I've had a rather unorthodox journey to becoming a voice specialist Speech and Language Therapist. After finishing my Master's Degree in Voice Performance at Boston University, I worked for 25 years as a professional classical music singer.  Along the way, I developed an understanding of singing anatomy and how the entire body supports healthy voice production.  I developed my listening skills, and found I was able to detect subtle differences in vocal sounds and know how they were being produced. By employing these highly developed skills and sharing this knowledge,  I achieved success in helping other singers overcome problems with their singing voices.  

I began to receive requests for singing lessons by people who had experienced a variety of medical and psychological conditions that had a negative impact on their voices.  Speech and language therapists referred non-singers to me to learn how to produce voice in a healthy way.  They needed help to develop functional speaking voices that are reliable and can meet the demands of their everyday lives. 

 I was excited at the prospect of helping a wider range of voice users, so I decided to broaden my knowledge and understanding of organic, psychological and functional causes of voice problems.  I returned to university for a MSc in Voice Pathology at UCL and a Post-Graduate diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at City University, London.

In my role as a Speech and Language Therapist, I specialise in:
·      speaking voice optimisation
·      transgender voice
·      singing voice rehabilitation
·      effective communication

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email: lori_isley_lynn@hotmail.com
phone: +44 1494 916090
mobile: +44 7966 473625


Transgender Voice Clinical Excellence Network
Dysphagia Clinical Excellence Network
Dysphagia Clinical Excellence Network
AAC Clinical Excellence Network