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A voice that meets the demands of your day

I will work with you to identify what is going wrong with your voice and why. Often, one small, seemingly insignificant problem leads to detrimental compensatory behaviours that exacerbate the original problem and make it worse.  I will support you to identify the factors which are contributing to your voice problems and work with you to either eradicate or compensate for them. I will support you in speaking voice optimisation and guide you along the path to a healthier, more functional voice. 

 Voice therapy can improve voices with problems resulting from:
·      poor vocal hygiene
·      misuse 
·      vocal fold paralysis/paresis
·      surgery
·      illness 
·      neurological disorders
·      environmental influences
·      occupational hazards

Based in Buckinghamshire, I can be flexible with location and venue, including Skype sessions.