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A singing voice that is spinning, resonant and free from strain

I am a singing voice specialist, as well as a Speech and Language Therapist.  My approach blends knowledge of anatomy and physiology, musicology, singing performance techniques and music interpretation.   I combine 25 years of professional singing experience with formal university study of music, speech and language therapy and voice pathology to create a bespoke rehabilitation programme focusing on your specific needs.  Together, we will develop your unique and glorious singing sound. 

 I offer singing instruction and voice rehabilitation that is grounded in healthy approaches to voicing, including:
·      vocal hygiene
·      breathing and breath support
·      classical singing approaches (Bel Canto)
·      knowledge of vocal anatomy and physiology
·      Speech and Language Therapy techniques, such as semi-occluded vocal tract exercises
·     coaching in interpretation 
·     considerations of style and genre 

Based in Buckinghamshire, I can be flexible with location and venue.