I can't thank Lori for all she has done for me. Having a very complicated vocal problem for nearly three years and going round in circles, I meet Lori and with her help and advice I am now on the road to recovery and finally getting my voice back. Lori you are an outstanding person and always go the extra mile for your patients. Thank you so much.
- Deborah Morgan, client 

Lori delivers above and beyond expectations. She has life experiences that support her holistic approach to patients and projects and that maximise her impact as a clinician. Un-phased by new challenges, Lori's skill of seeing the bigger picture and researching the influencing factors enables her to be productive as a clinician and strategic leader. All teams need a Lori!
- Sarah Protheroe, colleague

I went to Lori with a long-standing voice problem which no other singing teacher had ever been able to explain or rectify. Within a few lessons Lori had not only unravelled the cause, but started to make a huge difference. Lori's patient and consistent teaching has raised my level of performance to a very high standard, ironing out the wrinkles in both technique and style. She is not only an accomplished teacher but also an inspirational and charismatic soprano in her own right.
- Genevieve Usher, singing student

Lori has really helped my 14yr old daughter. She had pre-nodules on her vocal cords and needed rehabilitation and re-education of her singing and speaking voice. She loves her sessions and has improved dramatically. Lori has also really helped her with her mental approach to performing. I could not recommend her more strongly.
- Gillian Morgan, physiotherapist

The patient would like the following logged as a compliment.
Member of staff: Lori Lynn (Voice coach- ENT)
The member of staff:
1.       Helped the patient regain her voice following a traumatic event
2.       The coach was gentle not pushy
3.       Gave the patient confidence
4.       The coach sat and listened when the patient cried
5.       The patient describes getting her voice back as “finding herself as she was lost without her voice”
- from PALS, St George’s Hospital

Beautiful is the word to describe the voices of the principal singers. Especially the women. Lori Lynn as Micaela, Don Jose’s ‘girl next door’ has a voice of such soaring purity it sent shivers down my spine.
- Surrey Advertiser

Lori Isley Lynn comes across as the star of the evening … she has a mastery over facial expressions and the vocal range of Lesley Garrett.
- Time Out