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A voice that reflects the person you are

Your voice is central to your identity.  It is one of the most expressive tools you have.  It cannot be separated from your thoughts and emotions and it defines your sense of self.  It connects you to others.

 It is important that your voice represents the person inside. I will help you discover the voice that presents you as you wish others to see you.  The process requires courage to embrace new feelings and new sounds. I will support you to develop the confidence you need to achieve your true voice.

 Therapy for the Transgender Voice can help you present your true self by:
·      improving voice tone quality
·      balancing timbre and breathiness
·      minimising strain
·      increasing pitch range
·      increasing intonation and inflection
·      adjusting vocabulary and speaking style
·      incorporating gesture
·      modifying body language

I work at the London Transgender Clinic as well as from my home in Buckinghamshire.

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